As the premiere source of boaters and personal watercraft owners that seek great docking locations , we have a more comprehensive dealmaker. Dock listings have no up front amount due until the rental license has been issued and 1st 3 months paid.

Premium amenities are unique features such as boa lift, tralier storage, and electrical power. These are subject to each location available, and the dock owner’s agreement. The folowing rates shall apply when use is requested at the time of issued rental license.

Boat lift: $75 per month

Trailer storage $1 per linear foot of continuous length per month

Electric 220v or 110v $75 per month

Boat length determines the actual base rate. The first 25 foot is calculated at $8 per continuous linear foot. More than 25 foot is then an additional $25 per linear foot. This is referred to the 25/25 rule.

Sales of Dockominiums, Rackominiums and Wet Slips

Sales listing: A fee of $135 for 3 months and will be featured in the docks for sale category.

Marina Slips

$65 for a 3 month listing for the first slip, each additional slip is $25

Public Boat Ramp Finder

The Boat Ramp Finder provides information about both publicly maintained and commercially maintained boat ramps. Some of these boat ramps might require a user fee.

to find the nearest boat ramp click here