Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I rent/ lease/ sell my boat dock?
A: Click on the contact info link at the top of the page, enter your name , phone #  and a message if possible describing what you have or need. Click on the submit button, once information is received, we will call you back and talk about any specific needs or details.
Q: Is involved in the process of renting/ leasing/ selling boat dockage
A: Yes, we help connect the dock owner with the boat owner and help set a parameter of mutual agreements of rates, amenities and availability.
Q: Does the boat dock use also include the storage of my boat trailer?
A: No, this is an additional feature and at the decision of the dock owner because every location is unique.
Q: I have a boat lift on my dock and wonder if the rate is the same?
A: No, there is an additional cost for use of the boat lift of $75 a month
Q: I have enjoyed success leasing my boat dock and shared this excellent source of income with my neighbor. Are there any referral discounts?
A: Yes, we are thrilled to learn of your success and hope to help your neighbor as well. When they are on board with their dock, if they mention you at that time, you will receive 20% off your next listing.
Q: I found a great location for my boat to be docked, and now I am trying to learn the nearest location that has a boat ramp. Can you help me find one?
A: The know before you go page has a searchable map that has nearby boat ramp locations.

Public Boat Ramp Finder

The Boat Ramp Finder provides information about both publicly maintained and commercially maintained boat ramps. Some of these boat ramps might require a user fee.

to find the nearest boat ramp click here